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  • Steve Tingiris

    Steve Tingiris

    Serial tech founder and professional dabbler @dabblelab. Currently dabbling seriously with Amazon #Alexa and various bot and automation solutions for business.

  • Pete Haas

    Pete Haas

    Conversational AI Designer and Developer building and talking about UX on Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

  • Adam Talcott

    Adam Talcott

    Head of Games Engineering at Volley. Previously Senior Software Engineering Manager at Y Media Labs, computer architecture at Sun, IBM and Cisco.

  • Octavio Menocal

    Octavio Menocal

    Software engineer at Soar.com. Nicaraguan developing Amazon Alexa Skills and actions for Google Assistant. Pingpong lover, big fan of Ma Long!

  • Dana Gibson

    Dana Gibson

  • Marek Miś

    Marek Miś

    Voice Assistants Enthusiast | Designer | Developer | Tech Explorer | https://veeheister.com/

  • Ahmed Bouzid

    Ahmed Bouzid

    Founder & CEO at Witlingo // You can listen to him on Alexa by saying, "Alexa, launch Voice Guru"

  • Ken Nickerson

    Ken Nickerson

    Maker, Coder, Hacker, dTaz, i6, OmersV, CDL, Xanadu, HorizonIO, xFlixel, xRthm, xKobo, xOpenCola, xMicrosoft, xRogers, xBanks, xXs

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