A Multipart Series about Number Spies; a voice-first game for Amazon Alexa

Number Spies promotional ad for social media


In the Fall of 2019, I officially started the journey of creating Number Spies for Amazon Alexa. The idea for the game started at least a year earlier, but I finally had the skills needed for the core functionality. …

Building an audio file and feed JSON with AWS Step Functions and Lambda Layers.


When a user says “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing” then all briefings in their playlist will play in the order they specify. This can be configured in the Alexa App.

For Number Spies, the Number Station…

A Headless CMS for you Game Content


The best way to modify your game content is to put it into a Content Management System (CMS). That way changes to the content can happen without the need to recompile the content in code. …

Architecture and Services to Support the Game


In the previous article, we talked about how Number Spies started with making an Alexa Flash Briefing to duplicate the behavior of a numbers station. That idea grew into a voice game in the form of an Alexa Skill.

In order to create…

A game about spies, coded messages, and numbers stations.

Encoding and decoding a message with a One-time Pad


When creating a game, there are many things to consider. How many players? Is the game genre adventure, RPG, puzzle game, or one of many other choices? What is the theme? …

Mark Tucker

Alexa Champion 🏆, Bixby Premier Developer, Software Architect, Speaker 🎙️, Author

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